We were recently contacted by Ezvid Wiki, a video wiki site based in Los Angeles focusing on providing useful and informative content and reviews to their readers. They have completed and published their own independent research for the best aftershave products on the market for 2018. We were very happy to learn that our Snake Bite After Shave Tonic was named among their top 10 aftershaves. Snake Bite was matched up against old and new brands alike. Everything from the classic Proraso and Truefitt and Hill to Jay Z’s aftershave.

One of the highlights that made the Snake Bite stand out from the crowd was that it blends well with other products. This is because there is no fragrance in the Snake Bite; other pre-shave oils, shaving creams or cologne fragrances will not conflict with Snake Bite. The menthol fragrance of the Snake Bit either enhances the underlying fragrances or does not affect it. They enjoyed our rustic bottle and noted the affordable price point, but were most swayed by the robust menthol and the long-lasting cooling effect. We are honored to be recognized by a third party that took the time to analyze such a fine list of different brands.

Ezvid Wiki focuses on providing information on a wide range of topics and products through their own videos. In fact, they are the world’s first video wiki site, founded in 2011. They also provide text and images in their wiki, but their primary focus is providing information through videos. They provide independent, unbiased information and reviews to their audience and do accept any paid sponsorships.

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