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Your Best Shave Ever

The most amazing scents and a sublime shaving experience like none other are our pride and joy.

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Affordably Priced

Get serious value for what you get. Our competitors sometimes charge 2-3x our prices.

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Made by Wet Shave Enthusiasts

We’re not a fortune 500 company. Just a few folks who loves this shaving tradition and wanted to share it with the planet.

Hundreds of 5-star reviews and counting

  • All I can Say is “Wow"

    Thanks guys love y'all products. The best out there. Will order more soon. Really enjoy the scent. And soap bowl and shave puck. Wet shaving at it's finest. really great product. Thanks guys take care.


    The Most Perfect Razor

    I’ve been trying to find the most perfect DE razor for 15 years and now I’ve finally found one! This razor gives me the closest irritation free shave I’ve ever gotten. No more bumps, Ingrown hairs or razor burn! In fact, it’s such a great razor that I just ordered a second one!



    You guys are solid and right up there in my book of quality along side John Deere, Snapon, Styhl, and Fine Accoutrements certainly occupy that top notch standard worth bragging about.

  • Feels like you just left the Spa

    This performance of this soap is second to none. I have soaps that I payed $45 for and the Fine brand is the one I reach for the most. I could easily see this as the only soap I use. Cushion is supreme and super slick feel...


    Best Soap of All Time

    I've tried many soaps over the years, some great and other not so great. Fine soaps have been the best soaps I've used, hands down (I can only vouch for American and Platinum). The slickness, protection, lather, and post shave are second to none, and obviously the scents are amazing. I can't recommend these soaps enough.


    Great products + Superb Service = AWESOME

    Fine products are second to none. They offer a wide range of scents that all perform well. The customer care at Fine is always on top. My orders are shipped either same day or within a day of placing my order. Give a day or two and BOOM! Fine is at my door!

  • They All Rock

    I keep one of every scent in my arsenal. I am constantly asked (by women) what "cologne" I am wearing. I explain that it is an aftershave made with menthol and essential oils. Invariably I have to Google it and show them as they want to get some for their husband.


    They Are All Home Runs

    I purchased 3 different aftershaves. American blend, green Vetiver and Italian citrus and they are all home runs. Each one falls into the barbershop fougere category and smells great and can double as cologne due to their strength. Highly recommend,


    Fantastic Stuff

    Fine soap and aftershaves will always be a part of my shaving ritual. The American Blend makes my day every time I use it! You know its good when you shave when you really don't have to, just to use it.

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