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Fine Lather Bowl

Building a proper shaving lather on your face with soap and a brush is a great first step to improving your shave. However, if you really want the best lather then you need a lather bowl. The Fine Shaving Lather Bowl has been thoughtfully designed just...
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Fine Stout Shaving Brush

Inspired by the iconic Simpson's "Chubby" brush, and perfectly sized between their #1 & #2, our "Stout" brush lists for a fraction of the cost and features our miraculous "Angel Hair" fibers.Sourced directly from The Almighty, Angel Hair fibers...
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Fine Classic Shaving Brush

An updated take on the once ubiquitous design of the EverReady C40 Shaving Brush, the Fine "Classic" Shaving Brush maintains the great look of the original but replaces the antiquated bristles with our miraculous "Angel Hair" fibers, and the hollow...
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Fine Shave Stand

Elegantly store your shave gear while preserving accessibility. This Classic Stand is especially useful with slant style razors which do not sit evenly on stands of other styles.    
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Fine Razor Case

Designed in the timeless style of the original Gillette Kahki Set produced during WWI, this Fine Razor Case will safely hold any three piece razor with a handle length of 10 cm or less, along with a pack of your favorite blades.
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