FAIRPORT, N.Y., September 26, 2018 ( – The men’s shaving brand Fine Accoutrements has launched their own double edge safety razor to cap their now full lineup of traditional shaving products. The Fine “Marvel” Safety Razor brings “Mr. Fine’s” successful formula of vintage product modernization to the most crucial tool necessary for a “Fine Shave.”

Today’s wet-shavers are much more demanding of their products than their counterparts from the days before multi-blade razors came on the scene. This is especially true of the razor itself. CEO and founder Todd Cerami says, ”The internet has provided a platform for disparate but passionate wet-shavers to compare notes in a way that simply wasn’t possible in the heyday of traditional shaving. Arising from these interactions has been the belief that the ideal safety razor should be comfortable to use but highly efficient in removing stubble. However, because such qualities are also considered to be mutually exclusive in a single blade razor, producing such results is no easy task. Despite this, a few years ago we set out to make it happen and gradually developed a unique razor design that exceeded all expectations. I’m incredibly excited to bring it to market.”

The Fine “Marvel” Safety Razor features an aggressively arched blade suspended over a large comforting safety bar. It utilizes a classic three-piece design and precision molded zinc alloy construction with bright chrome electroplating. Current cartridge users will be amazed at just how comfortable a safety razor can be, while experienced wet-shavers may be just as surprised at how such an efficient shaver can shorten their usual routines.

The new razor is available on their website as well as through several specialty retailers across the county.

Fine Accoutrements ignited a craft aftershave revolution with the launch of Fine Classic After Shave in 2013, created the world’s first production lather bowl in 2014, introduced their miraculous “Angel Hair” brushes in 2015 and reintroduced wet-shavers to the benefits of triple-milled shaving soap in 2016.